Abu Nawas Review

Abu Nawas is located in the Strykler Square of Fairfax Circle. There is a second hookah bar a few stores down – a much louder and busier place. We chose Abu Nawas because walking into Abu Nawas, we were greeted by the owner, Raad, who was very friendly and welcoming. Looking around, it was an open room with the tables lining the wall, Middle Eastern style paintings by local artists, and a very large hookah in the front corner. The lights on the wall were decorated with cool little tambourines underneath. We sat down and looked at the menu, which had a wide selection of Middle Eastern dishes & drinks ranging from soda, beer, and energy drinks. We ordered a pot of black tea & baba ghanoush, which came garnished with black olives and pickled radishes. Their shisha selection included Starbuzz, Alfakhar, and Nakhla tobacco. We chose Pink Ocean, which came in a modern Chinese hookah with 2 hoses, 1 quick light coal on top of a large, ceramic bowl with 2 extra coals on the side. It tasted like Pink Starbuzz with a mix of with something floral. Upon request, you can have Coco Mazaya coals. Abu Nawas has a great atmosphere, if you just want to relax with friends. People were playing dominoes and cards, and there is password-protected wi-fi but the password was located on a sign on the wall. Arabic music videos playing softly on the corner television, made the atmosphere very relaxing and comfortable. Abu Nawas is open until 3 or 4 am depending on business. For all you cigarette smokers you can also smoke inside. There is another hookah bar a few stores down – a much louder and busier place. Overall I really enjoyed my time here and would definitely return, with friends for a good night and a relaxing night cap.






Malik’s Kabob


Tonight my friends and I went to Malik’s Kabob. Malik’s is located at Fairfax Circle inside Circle Plaza in Fairfax City right next to the Advanced Auto. It was Christmas evening and they were open. They are open until 1am, 7 days a week. As soon as you walk in you can smell the sweet smell of shisha. The lighting was dim and relaxing. We found a seat, and then went to the bar to order. I ordered a hookah withStarbuzz white grape and mango. This is a mix that they have made themselves with the Starbuzz shisha. They offer many Starbuzz favors and also mixes of AlFahker shisha. The price was average for many hookah bars in the area it’s $14 for Starbuzz favors and $12 for Al Fahker tobacco. A friend of mine ordered drinks for us and a brownie for desert. We sat down at our table. Within 5 minutes of ordering the hookah was delivered to our table. The hookah came with a quick light coal on the bowl and an extra one for later. We were provided with enough mouth pieces for everyone at the table. The hookah was a 24″ KhalilMamoon with a standard hose. The bowl on top of the hookah was a very large Egyptian clay bowl. The hookah was ready to smoke as soon as it was delivered to our table. The pull was very smooth. Their mix of white grape mango was very delicious. I have never tried this flavor before and I was very satisfied with it. Within 2 minutes after getting the hookah my friends desert was brought to the table. He ordered a brownie. The brownie came out warmed in a glass bowl with whipped cream. My friend was very satisfied with his choice of deserts.
   Malik’s has recently renovated their lounge with newly painted walls and art and hookahs displayed on the wall. They have a TV set up usually with a sporting event. Tonight the TV was set to basketball. They offer free WIFI and playing cards for entertainment. At most of the tables people wereplaying  card games and conversing. This is something you don’t see much these days with everyone having smartphones. I noticed not many people had the glow from their phones in their face but rather having real conversations with the other people at their table.
   The server came to our table and ashed the coals on the hookah when needed.
   I’ve been here before and find it a great place to bring friends if you want to go out and enjoy some hookah. In the daytime for lunch they have a buffet with East Asian foods. Personally I’m not a big fan of this type of food but I still find it delicious.
   Overall I find Malik’s a relaxing hookah bar. Offering great mixes and a friendly atmosphere. I plan to come back here often in the future.


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